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#FoundationFactFriday: What is a helical pile?

Foundation Fact: Helical piles have been installed for foundation repair projects since their creation in 1720 in England. 

Now that we’ve discussed the weight of homes and foundations, foundation types, types of soils that effect foundations and common causes of foundations such as cracks and it’s time to learn about the products and applications of foundation repair. Helical piles, helical piers and screw piles are all synonmous names for a foundation solution with roots back to the 1700’s when they were initially used to support lighthouses. Whether it is an addition to an existing building or construction of a new foundation and if it is found that the existing soils are not capable of properly supporting the weight of the new structure then this usually requires the need for a deep foundation system and the installation of CHANCE Helical Piles are a great solution. Helical piles are a deep foundation element that is replacing applications, such as spread footings and shallow poured concrete piers. 

Helical piles are galvanized to prevent rustings and increase life expectancy. They are gently rotated into the ground using a high torque hydraulic drive head. This deep foundation method can be used in 80-90% of soil conditions, but are typically used in complex soil conditions and limited access situations that have prevented use of traditional foundation systems, such as caissons and timber piles. Helical Piles provide the performance of traditional deep foundations without the high mobilization costs and without creating vibrations, noise, and spoils. As a certified installer of CHANCE products, CFS uses a variety of helical pile systems, consisting of solid steel square shaft material or steel round pipe material. The various helical pile types are available in different sizes and grades to best fit the needs of each individual project and application. This time-saving and cost-effective deep foundation solution utilizes instant torque-to-capacity feedback as a built-in means of quality control that eliminates uncertainty for engineers and contractors, providing quality throughout the project. Helical piles are versatile in that they can support industrial, commercial and residential structures. Learn more about the benefits of helical piles here. 

CFS is a certified CHANCE installer and our products are double backed by warranty. Call usat 877-770-7050 or fill out this form to schedule a free assessment of your residental or commercial structure and our experts will determine the best product and application to provide you a solution that fits your needs. 

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