Whether it is an addition to an existing building or construction of a new foundation, knowing the conditions and types of soil in which the structure is to rest upon is extremely important.  If it is found that the existing soils are not capable of properly supporting the weight of the new structure then this usually requires the need for a deep foundation system and the installation of CHANCE Helical Piles are a great solution.

Expansive soils, high water tables, and/or poor fill material are just some of the conditions which can be encountered and that can be considered as inadequate for supporting the weight of a structure.  These conditions often prevent the installation of standard shallow foundations and require the need for deep foundation systems.  There are different types of deep foundation systems and there are different factors that can dictate the need for one system over another.  Caissons and driven timber piles are often considered as the traditional deep foundation systems, but the use of helical piles is generally a far superior solution and simply presents advantages and benefits that the others cannot.  CHANCE Helical Piles provide the performance of traditional deep foundations without the high mobilization costs and without creating vibrations, noise, and spoils.  CHANCE offers a variety of helical pile systems, consisting of solid steel square shaft material or steel round pipe material.  The various helical pile types are available in different sizes and grades to best fit the needs of each individual project and application.  This time-saving and cost-effective deep foundation solution utilizes instant torque-to-capacity feedback as a built-in means of quality control that eliminates uncertainty for engineers and contractors, providing quality throughout the project.

Advantages of CHANCE® Helical Piles:

  • Low mobilization costs
  • Installed with small equipment
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Fast installation
  • Installs in any weather conditions
  • Allows for immediate loading, no waiting for concrete to cure
  • No spoils created (very ideal for sites where contaminated soils are present)
  • No vibration
  • Quality control – field measurable torque
  • Consists of hot dipped galvanized recycled steel, made in the USA
  • Consists of products that are ICC-ES Certified


  • There is no need to plan for the mobilization of large equipment, as required to drive timber piles.
  • There is no need to move around or haul off spoils, which are created with caissons.
  • There will be no need to wait for perfect weather conditions to pour concrete, as required for caissons.
  • There will be no phone calls from neighbors complaining of the noise and vibration creating by the pounding of timber piles.
  • There will be no need to wait for concrete to cure, as required for caissons.
  • There will be no second guessing or additional and extensive testing required to confirm the piles have reached the proper depth and are capable of supporting the specified weight.
  • The helical piles are environmentally safe.

Although the helical piles may not be thought of as a “traditional deep foundation system”, they are certainly trusted and proven.  Since 1912, CHANCE has been manufacturing the most trusted and most used helical pile/pier/anchor systems in the world.  Carolina Foundation Solutions is a certified CHANCE Installer and takes pride in using the best materials and providing the best solutions in the industry.  For any projects that may require deep foundation systems, please feel free to contact us. 


Common Applications:

  • New Construction Foundations
  • Telecommunication Tower Foundations
  • Boardwalk & Walkway Foundations
  • Pipeline Foundations
  • Bridge Foundations
  • Solar Panel Foundations

Carolina Foundation Solutions is a certified CHANCE Installer.

For deep foundation applications where high capacities are required and/or pile systems that are both end-bearing and friction piles, see:

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